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April 2017

Choose a Company for Dental Practice Marketing

Dental practices aren't known to be aggressive when it comes to their marketing strategies. In fact, a majority of dental clinics rely on word-of-mouth marketing. This type of marketing strategy has worked well in the past. Although, now a few changes in how consumers make their purchasing decisions has reduced the effectiveness of this particular approach.   Today, dental practice marketing strategies need to be aggressive. Not...

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Dental Marketing Strategies That Work

Given the right time, situation, and implementation, every marketing strategy works. However, deciding on which particular strategy would work best at any given moment can be quite a challenge. It takes a lot of marketing experience to figure out the strategy or combination of strategies to apply to a certain business that's at a particular stage of their growth.   In this regard, dental practices are no...

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How to Use SEO for Cosmetic Dentists

Do you simply want to impart valuable information to your audience? Maybe you're using your website as a marketing tool. Either way search engine optimization (SEO) can be your best friend, as long as you know how it works. We have seen that if used correctly, SEO for cosmetic dentists will help build the practice by influencing more people to visit the website.   However, SEO these...

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Best Ideas for Marketing for Cosmetic Dentists

Everybody wants a perfect smile. After all, a smile that's glittering white gives you confidence. In turn, confidence can get you a promotion at work, or even more clients. It seems that nowadays, the key to everything is a perfect smile that some find elusive.   The search for that movie star smile never ends, but the only person who can give it to you is a...

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Tips for Marketing Your Dental Practice

Studies suggest that there is currently a severe shortage of dentists in the United States. In fact statistics in 2015 estimated that at the moment, there are only 60.9 dentists per 100,000 population. If you do the math, that's a lot of patients per dentist. The question is, are you getting your fair share?   If we're to believe the data obtained by the Health Policy Institute...

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Find a Dental Implant Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing particular services and products of a dental practice, implants are definitely the hardest to market. One of the reasons why dental implant marketing is considered one of the most difficult is because traditional marketing strategies just don't work.   Dental implants have a very limited market. First, not everybody needs a dental implant. Second, not everybody who needs a dental implant can...

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For many dental offices, marketing hasn't always been high on the list of priorities. Word of mouth has been sufficient to get the word around.   This time-tested marketing method still holds today. In fact, word of mouth marketing has taken a huge leap forward with the arrival of the internet. It is one of the keys to effectively marketing and managing a dental practice.   Dental Practice Management:...

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