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How to Find Dental Implant Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Find a Dental Implant Marketing Strategy

How to Find Dental Implant Marketing Strategies That Really Work

When it comes to marketing particular services and products of a dental practice, implants are definitely the hardest to market. One of the reasons why dental implant marketing is considered one of the most difficult is because traditional marketing strategies just don’t work.


Dental implants have a very limited market. First, not everybody needs a dental implant. Second, not everybody who needs a dental implant can afford it.


Dental Implant Marketing StrategiesLast, those who need a dental implant and can afford it have plenty of choices on where to have the procedure performed.


The job of marketers is to ensure that your dental practice is one of the top choices, if not the very first choice. The best way to accomplish this is to find a dental implant marketing strategy that really works. However, that is easier said than done.


Dental Implant Marketing Strategy


One of the best things about marketing strategies is that they can take a shotgun approach. This is done by targeting anybody and everybody in their path. You can also take a sniper approach, which is targeting specific individuals or groups of people.


If you think that a shotgun approach in this particular situation would likely fail, then you’re correct. The market of the dental implant industry is severely limited. A dental implant marketing strategy that targets everybody wouldn’t really provide any benefit. You would just spread invaluable information about dental implants that will fall on death ears.


It’s all good and well that the public becomes a bit more aware of the current technologies used in dental implants, but do you think that they’ll remember who provided that information when they need an implant? It’s more likely that now they know about how dental implants can help them achieve a certain goal, they’ll be calling their dentists and asking for the service. Your marketing strategy worked perfectly for your competitors.


Targeted Marketing Strategy


So, the best alternative is a targeted marketing plan. Your practice needs to target individuals who can afford dental implants and actually need them. There are a couple of ways you can do this.


Find a Dental Implant Marketing StrategyThe first way is internal marketing where you market the dental implants to existing patients. That’s an excellent strategy, and it works really well.


However, even if you have a thousand regular patients, it’s unlikely that the majority of them will need implants. As such, the marketing strategy would only translate into limited sales.


If you want more sales, you’ll need to target individuals that need dental implants and can afford them. Those who aren’t currently your patients. No other advertising medium will allow you to do this other than the internet.


The television is a shotgun approach, and so are the other marketing mediums. These include radio, newspapers, magazines and any form of mass media.


However, the internet is different. On the internet, you can target groups or forums that discuss dental implants. You can provide valuable articles on the benefits of dental implants that only those that really need the implants would care to read.


Dental Promotional Products


Another method that is highly effective is to offer promotional products for free. If you combine this method with a dental implant marketing strategy that’s based internet marketing, then there’s a good chance that the combination would work perfectly.


How exactly do you do this? You obviously won’t be able to offer free implants. However, you can offer free information such as e-books on dental care. E-books are a great way to market your brand since they’re relatively cheap to produce and costs practically nothing to distribute.


How to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice


As the owner of a dental clinic, you need to stay on top of the latest trends. You need to know how to attract new patients to your dental practice. Moreover, it may not seem like it, but marketing dental implants is a great way to attract new patients. If you use dental implant marketing the right way, those who believe in the value that only you can provide will look for you.


What’s best about this particular marketing strategy is that it provides value. New patients that were convinced about the quality of your service and actually experienced it will likely go back to the internet. They will spread the word on forums, social media, or anywhere they’re active.


Before Initiating Your Strategy


How are the sales of your dental implants? Could you use additional sales? Then we at Dental Business Builders are well-prepared to discuss the dental implant marketing strategy that would work best for your practice.

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