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Online Reviews are Everywhere

Gone are the days of those pesky paper comment cards. But unlike those cards, the popular online reviews are visible to the world forever. Good or bad, how do you know how people are viewing and rating you online?

Do you actively search for your online reputation? How is it? Have you found things you don’t like? What can you do about it? If it’s fine now, what if something changes in the future? Will you find out in time to keep it from damaging your business?

Dental practices need to have a stellar reputation in the community. It is this goodwill that inspires loyalty among your current base and the acquisition of new patients. You must proactively manage your reputation now, especially online. One bad online review, even if it’s not true, can damage your local practice for years by ruining your reputation and destroying your word-of-mouth advertising.


Dental Reputation Management

Dental Reputation Management is a specialty which requires knowing dentistry inside-out. General reputation management companies cannot provide this industry-specific know-how because they are not dedicated to dentistry day after day. This is where Dental Business Builders offers a distinct advantage.


The New Word of Mouth

Now that the instant feedback of the internet is here, it takes only a moment to get the goods on a dental practice. A quick check on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp, or any number of medical review sites will pull up both the good and the bad information posted about your practice. Conversion can happen instantly if your online dental reputation is well managed.  But it certainly doesn’t happen by itself.

You may be surprised to hear that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Consumers don’t spend a lot of time making up their minds, either. 90% of consumers read fewer than 10 reviews before forming an opinion about a business. (BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2016)

These results provide a perfect opportunity for good marketing, a great website, and professional Dental Reputation Management. But a Reputation Management plan requires care and constant attention. In short, it must be managed over the long haul.


DRM: A Long-Term Strategy

Dental Reputation Management is a long-term strategy. Consumers will continue to have opinions — and to express them openly — as long as your practice is in business and the internet is around. Your job is to have a reputation management team in place, with a DRM strategy to keep your public profile clean, positive, and attractive to new patients.

When you routinely provide exceptional service, your DRM strategy needs to make this known publicly in the most professional way. When there is a problem, your DRM strategy needs to minimize the damage and provide even more positive examples of outstanding patient value. Are you prepared to do this now?


Dental Business Builder Delivers

  • Professional Promotion: We can help promote your practice consistently and effectively. Reputation management is often done in concert with a professional team that understands not only your dental practice, but the ways of the web, search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, dentistry marketing, and how to keep all of these elements up-to-date while you attend to the health care of your patients.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization: Did you know that you have over 12% better success rate with potential customers using search engines, than you do with more traditional and expensive print advertising, such as flyers and newspaper ads? Reducing costs and increasing effectiveness is what SEO is all about. Making sure your business is found high above the competition in the search engine results pages is how Dental Business Builders improves your SEO rankings.
  • Overcoming Bad Publicity: If your reputation hasn’t been properly managed over time, it is possible that you have some negative issues that are hurting your business. Dental Reputation Management takes steps to deemphasize any negative publicity you have acquired along the way and begin to strengthen and highlight your positive feedback.
  • Online Profile Management: There are a large number of online review sites and an almost limitless number of websites that allow comments. Dental Business Builders manages this growing list of contact points so you can attend to your patients. We see to it that all is under control and moving positively in your direction.
  • Increase Positive Reviews: Methods exist to ethically and professionally spur the submission of positive reviews. These add to your five-star reputation and get the quantifiable numbers of your reviews to grow quickly. Many five-star reviews show the community that you are not only popular but a valuable and trusted resource, one that the potential patient can feel comfortable contacting today.
  • Track Negative Mentions: Third-party professionals can keep tabs on the negative mentions that do occur and do their job to mitigate the negative impact on your reputation. Keeping this data and recognizing patterns can help you improve your customer service, earning you even more five-star ratings in the future.
  • Establish Your Authority in the Field: Patients want the best dentist around. Dental Reputation Management can place you into the role of local authority on dentistry. This also gives you increased word-of-mouth advertising, as your reputation grows not only online but within the local community.

Let Dental Business Builders manage your dental practice’s reputation online. Like many things in dentistry, it just needs to be done. Contact us today, and we’ll make sure it’s a painless procedure. Our dental marketing solutions are tried and tested while growing over 100 dental practices. No theories, just ROI-focused results.

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