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Marketing for Dentists: Facebook Ad Tips for Dentists

how online marketing company can help imrpove your brand's marketing success in social media

Marketing for Dentists: Facebook Ad Tips for Dentists

Facebook is not just for extending your network of friends and sharing photos of life experiences and events, and thoughts through statuses. The huge social media platform is now also a hub for marketing, with its advertising features such as promotional pages for business, as well as the paid advertisements which you see on the Facebook website.

Presented here are Facebook ad tips for dentists. Dental experts can use these pointers to increase their chances of visibility and searchability to prospective clients as well as for them to provide more information about their dental offices and services to their existing patients.

Facebook ad tips for dentists

Facebook Ad Tips for Dentists: Keep It Concise yet Complete to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Keep your audience motivated and get them to respond by posting only a few lines. This is one of the Facebook ad tips for dentists which means you do not have to be so elaborate with your statuses on your Facebook page because word count, or character count at that, matters. Too much defeats the purpose the site was designed for.

In fact, keeping your posts at 50 to 80 characters will invite readers of the posts and encourage them respond in the comments section and share your status on their personal Facebook pages. In other words, do not create clutter in your posts by muddling it with lengthy phrases.

Instead, focus on inviting photos and short, interesting videos to accompany your statuses.

Encouraging photos which are part of your portfolio of successful works as a dental expert in your dental office can even convert audience to actual patients.

Facebook Ad Tips for Dentists: Make Use of Full Length Links Which Tend to Be More Informative

However, in terms of links shared on the Facebook page of your dental office and those leading to your website and website blog entries, it is recommended to use complete links rather than shortened ones such as the use of bit.ly.

While this may work better on Twitter, it is different on Facebook. Your entire link may be as informative as it is long, because it can contain the website and the web page title which you are pointing your audience towards.

Your readers are most likely to click on links which they deem important based on the information indicated in the URL.

In this light, it is best if you keep your URL customized and uncluttered, i.e., without the unnecessary characters in between words which can get in the way of properly reading them.

Facebook Ad Tips for Dentists: Talk the Facebook Jargon and Make Use of Facebook Call to Action Options

“Post,” “comment,” “share” and “like” are basically the most commonly used jargon on Facebook.

Get your audience to share your posts, comment on them and like them as well as your page by actually telling them to do so. The chances of persuading them to do so are high if you tell them straight-out or suggest to them to post, comment, share and like.

When you receive comments on a post, be sure to acknowledge them by responding, especially if there is a question regarding your dental services.

You may also pose the questions yourself. Make your audience participate by asking them for feedback and opinion. One-on-one service is exceedingly effective.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to get in touch and interact with your Facebook followers.

Facebook Ad Tips for Dentists: Post After Work Hours on Your Dental Office and Services Facebook Page

Timing is your friend in terms of posting and sharing statuses on your dental office and services Facebook page.

It is suggested to post updates on your dental office and services Facebook page after work hours particularly in between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. Research shows this is the period of time when Facebook users are more active. They are more available to interact during these hours of the day, not just browse.

how online marketing company can help imrpove your brand's marketing success in social media

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