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Selling the Patient More Services Once in the Chair

Selling the Patient More Services Once in the Chair

Nowadays, services like dental care and other medical treatments are treated as commodities in many clinics, meaning doctors or physicians and other health practitioners sell their services to a patient from a salesman’s point of view. With this in mind, the business practice of dentistry has led many dentists to sell their services to their patients through effective marketing strategies. Selling the patient more services has consequently resulted paying attention to the ethics involved, to avoid fraud, dangerous techniques to sell a product, and other unethical practices (which could lead to legal action). Knowing how to start a sales conversation and how to sell a product to a customer — face to face — are critical skills a dental office or even hospitals, must practice.

Selling The Patient More Services Using Effective Techniques To Sell A Product

Patients are like customers; you have to know what they need, what they will need and what they need to learn. With this in mind, frequent visits to your dental office are one of the services you can use to sell to your patient more of your products and services. Here are some techniques to sell a product which can help in selling the patient more services:

  1. Describe the current state of their dental health.
  2. Tell them best and worst case scenarios.
  3. Capitalize on that and offer solutions to future problems.
  4. Tell them about products and medications which can help your patients avoid those problems.
  5. Encourage your patients to think of preventive maintenance services.

These are only some of the techniques to sell a product you can use in selling the patient more services. Keep in mind the patients are highly volatile, so you better not abuse the business management perspective of your practice and keep it ethical. Be honest about fees and generate profits honestly as a service provider to your patients.

How To Start A Sales Conversation

With the things mentioned above, your next challenge comes in the form of starting a sales conversation. Knowing how to start a sales conversation may take some time to learn, but it can help you generate more income in the future. Here are some ways on how to start a sales conversation as part of your patient care marketing strategy:

  1. Establish a connection with your patient.
  2. Ask them questions. Provide answers to their questions as well.
  3. Tell them about their dental condition.
  4. Tell them how they can address their problem.
  5. Introduce your products and services.

These are some of the steps on how to start a sales conversation to your patients. Knowing these techniques is only part of the process, putting it in practice is what you need to learn.

How To Sell A Product To A Customer Face To Face

When a patient is in front of you, it doesn’t feel right to sell them your products right then and there. As previously mentioned, you have to start a sales conversation appropriately. Perhaps you can ask them about insurance, which your practice is accepting.

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